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So we were sitting in class today



and my U.S. History teacher was trying to get us to understand why it was such a big deal that England had put a tax on colonial sugar, and he goes,

"What if you had to pay a tax every time you logged onto wifi?"

And the whole class just went


and I heard at least two people whisper “I would murder someone”

I will keep reblogging this in the name of historical science

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at the edge of our hope (ten/rose, pacific rim au)


Britain waits. Rose doesn’t.

The first attack comes while he’s still a graduate student.

He stands in his vest and boxers in the kitchen of his dumpy little flat in Oxford, staring numbly at the television as the Golden Gate Bridge falls into the water in huge, twisted pieces.

The kettle boils over while he stares at the screen, but he barely hears the whistle over the roar of blood and panic in his head.


Rose is really still a kid when San Francisco gets hit.

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t remember every single second of the five days she and her mum sat in front of the telly, watching and watching and waiting to see if maybe that’d make it all sink in. She remembers the way they left the news on for days and days and days, the way the whole estate seemed to wander in and out of the flat, creating a hum of hushed, nervous conversation just as omnipresent as the drone of the newsreaders.

Rose remembers sitting on the ratty sofa at half two in the morning, half-asleep and curled into her mum’s side, and hearing her mutter, “Oh, but I do miss your dad.”

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This is all around gorgeous. <3

I just fixed my own dash with no coding skillz to back it up and quick skimming of real coders’ fix-its.

I should give myself a cookie.









Sherlock theme slowed down! 

i don’t know what to think about this…

It sounds like if Tim Burton rewrote the elephant march song in the Jungle Book holy fucking shit

I keep expecting to see or hear Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp.

Tim Burton’s Sherlock Holmes

^^ that is the best thing I’ve seen all week 

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Toshio Suzuki has announced the closure of Studio Ghibli. Here’s a translated version of the news article:

"Just moments ago, Toshio Suzuki, Studio Ghibli producer, announced on the TV show of the MBS Jounetsu Tairiku chain effectively as announced as sources close to the studio, Studio Ghibli will close and production studio anime, leaving himself only as a company that will manage its trademarks. As stated in the program’s producer, "the production department of anime will be dismantled," which coincides with the data that we gave in our previous post on this decision had been taken from spring after the poor reception at the box office of Kaguya-hime no Monogatari.

In the interview, Suzuki has also admitted that it was a major setback for the study progress Hayao Miyazaki, one of the reasons already unveiled the portal Rakuten Woman. Once we have access to the full TV interview, adding more data. No doubt that this is a very sad news for Japanese animation, of which we are all fans, because it is undeniable everything Studio Ghibli has given the anime. Please remember that what will be his last film, Omoide no Marnie, premiered at the Japanese box office on 19 July.”